Using a non-invasive, safe and painless method, it is now possible to learn a lot more information based solely on a sample of maternal blood. Compared to standard TRISOMY test screening, TRISOMY test + is a premium genetic laboratory screening test that can detect a greater number of chromosomal abnormalities.


TRISOMY test + is designed for pregnant women upon request and following a genetic consultation. It is particularly suitable: 

  • when the mother-to-be has previously been diagnosed with one of the fetal chromosome disorders targeted by TRISOMY test +; 
  • for pregnant women with an increased risk of potential fetal disability caused by one of the syndromes targeted by TRISOMY test +, e.g. based on ultrasound screening results;
  • for enhancing the accuracy of standard TRISOMY test screening (e.g. to detect smaller-scale chromosome aberrations on top of the standard chromosome 21, 18 and 13 syndromes);
  • for detecting trisomy, monosomy, and other, small-scale aberrations associated with chromosomes other than those targeted by standard TRISOMY test screening;
  • for pregnant women who want to avoid amniocentesis or suffer from complications that might increase amniocentesis-related risks, such as a higher risk of spontaneous miscarriage, lower blood coagulation, immunisation risks due to Rh incompatibility (negative Rh factor), the period between the 14th and the 16th weeks of pregnancy, uterus myoma, or placenta praevia.