The following list includes stories told by parents who have gone through TRISOMY test screening, as well as expert opinions provided by specialists.

Jana, 31, Zvolen

I’d like to thank you for inventing this method of baby health screening based on maternal blood samples. Thanks to your invention, I only went through a mere three weeks of suffering, instead of another several months. You saved us from an awful amount of absurd decision-making about whether or not we were up to the challenge of raising a handicapped baby.
Your test showed that our baby was actually healthy and the triple test had been wrong. I’d like to thank you again for making this method available, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed so that the test is available to all mothers regardless of their social or financial backgrounds.

RNDr. Tomáš Szemes, PhD. , molecular geneticist, TRISOMY test author

TRISOMY test is a shining example of a good idea supported by research. If such ideas are put into practice, a large number of people can benefit from them. As a result of the long-term development of non-invasive prenatal screening tests put into practice, the number of necessary amniocenteses has dropped and even more women can enjoy a relaxed pregnancy. At the same time, it provides strong motivation for further research.

Zuzana, 38, Bratislava, Slovakia

I have always wanted to be a mother, but I only managed to get pregnant when I was 37 thanks to IVF. Since this was going to be my first and probably the only child, I made absolutely sure everything was going to be perfect. I found amniocentesis risky, and when I found out about TRISOMY test, I did not hesitate. It is so simple and painless – and the reassurance is priceless.

RNDr. Dagmar Landlová, Medirex cytogeneticist

A project is successful when you combine excellent research with an innovative partner who is able to put the research results into practice. Our TRISOMY test is just the type of project, in fact. Supported by years of hard work of its authors, it was developed by the most advanced complex of laboratories – not only in Slovakia, but also across Central Europe. Designed to exclude frequent types of foetal trisomy, our test helps pregnant women learn more about their pregnancy and enjoy this magical period of expectation in a peaceful atmosphere.

Janka, 30, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

My pregnancy was absolutely normal during the first trimester and my husband and I were looking forward to our baby very much. However, the triple test revealed a complication. Our likelihood of having a baby with Down syndrome was 1:30. We were both shocked, and I did not know what to do. My doctor suggested amniocentesis, but I was afraid to go ahead with it. Fortunately, the subsequent ultrasound scan showed there was nothing to worry about, and Miško is a healthy baby. If I’d had a chance to have the results confirmed by a simple blood test, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. It would have saved me from weeks of waiting and uncertainty.

RNDr. Gabriel Minárik, PhD. , molecular geneticist, TRISOMY test author

Being able to apply the current results of research and development is crucial. Many women we have met have benefited from the advantages of prenatal genetic testing, which helped them enjoy their pregnancy without unnecessary stress. This fact makes our work even more exciting.

Slávka, 34, Žarnovica, Slovakia

I was 34 and it was my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy at the age of 26 went well. However, women over 35 are associated with a higher risk of Down syndrome and further examination is necessary (if they want to be certain). To be honest, I did have certain doubts… I considered all the options available at the time. I wanted to avoid amniocentesis, which does involve certain miscarriage risks even though it can identify genetic foetal disorders with high accuracy. Eventually, I chose a non-invasive prenatal screening based on a simple blood test and I do not regret it. If this possibility had existed ten years ago, I would have definitely used it. To be on the safe side, you know.

MUDr. Peter Križan, CSc. , clinical geneticist

TRISOMY test is a giant leap in the field of genetic consultancy. TRISOMY test is a good solution for pregnant women who face a high trisomy risk, but are too afraid of invasive sampling. It’s an option for all pregnant women who are not facing any risks but still want to undergo examination “to be on the safe side”. A brilliant alternative!

Martina, 29 and Juraj, 34, Námestovo, Slovakia

Basic biochemical screening indicated some of my parameters were, due to my age, slightly higher, which made me feel uncertain and worried. That is why my husband and I decided to give TRISOMY test a try. One simple blood test and the results were in within a few days. The relief we felt when the doctor confirmed we were facing no risk was indescribable! And as a bonus, we learnt it’s a baby girl. We’ve been using her first name since then, which brings the three of us even closer to one another.